Make your hotel reservations today! When you make your reservations, make your checkout date Sunday, June 10!

We've heard from the hotel that our room block is pretty much full, but try it as your first option anyway. If anyone has to cancel their reservations, their room will go back into the block so there's always a tiny chance a room has opened up. BUT, the hotel still has rooms, they're just at the regular rate (AAA gets you something like $229/night), so try the Sheraton first at 888-627-8203.

We built our room block to the size specified by AHS guidelines based on 650 people attending (and the way registrations are going so far, it looks like we may well get there!). We blasted past 100% of the room block January 1, and we're now at 149%! The hotel has been very flexible and responsive, opening up more rooms for our block, but we've probably reached our limit.
Should you want to select a different hotel (or check out the competition), here are the closest hotels:

Within a few blocks, on the ocean:

On 21st Ave N one block west (Google the name as shown):

On 29th Ave N one large block north and west (Google the name as shown):

Contact the Sheraton hotel directly for reservations on 888-627-8203 by 5/5/18 and identify yourself as part of the Daylily Convention.
Scroll way down for more hotel information.
If you would prefer to make hotel reservations online, click the link below.

The hotel has been more than flexible and will continue to be until all of the rooms offered in our block are gone, and until all the rooms in the hotel are gone. What's the plan when they're really sold out? Myrtle Beach is a tourist mecca, with more than 10,000 rooms in a wide variety of hotels. Oceanfront, waterway view, budget, premiere, low rise, high rise, condo rentals, national chains, mom and pops, you name it, Myrtle Beach has it. And because Myrtle Beach is basically a small town, they're all just minutes from the convention hotel. When the hotel is really full (maybe April, maybe May?), you'll go to the website of your choice (like hotels.com, expedia.com, aaa.com) or go directly to the hotel's website, look through all the options, and make your selection based on the hotel features you like.

(Want to check it out on a map? Go to Google, click the set of 9 little boxes at the top right, click Maps; in the "Search Google Maps" field, type "hotels near myrtle beach convention center" and hit enter. All of the nearby hotels will be highlighted with a dark blue box showing that hotel's rates if you rented a room today. Put your cursor over each of the little blue boxes to see the name and rating of the hotel.)

(Do you already have a hotel room but would like to share with a non-smoking female to split expenses? Please email ktinius@yahoo.com and I'll hook you up with an interested person.) If you weren't there for our invitation at this year's spectacular Region 15 Summer Meeting or the wonderful AHS 2017 National Convention, here's what we presented!

It is the story of the Hemer O. Callis Family vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Hemer, Bertie, Arlo, and Stella all found gardens they loved plus so many other things they'll remember forever!

In case you don't think you'll have enough fun at a tourist beach mecca, we have even more fun for you on Friday evening!

Shutterbooth Myrtle Beach will be set up outside the banquet room with plenty of funny and cute hats and props. Stop by to take photos and get a strip of four as an instant souvenir!

Between our tasty dinner and our very interesting presentations, we'll have a demonstration of South Carolina's very own dance - The Shag! Members of the OD Shag Club will dazzle you with their fluid movements as they dance to beach music.

Pre-registration is required. Registration fee includes motor coach bus tour of convention gardens, light breakfast on tours, lunches, and banquet dinners on Friday and Saturday. Cancellations received by 5/14/18 will receive full refund; cancellations received 5/15/18-6/1/18 will receive 50% refund; sorry, no refunds will be made after 6/1/18. Registrants unable to attend may swap their registration with others; please contact the Registrar Kathy Tinius at ktinius@yahoo.com.

Register online here:

The prices shown below are good until the 5/14/18 cutoff for early registration. On 5/15/18, the prices will be raised to: AHS Member $329 and Youth Member $229 Please note - registration costs are per person



Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel

Contact the Sheraton hotel directly for reservations on 888-627-8203 by 5/5/18 and identify yourself as part of the "Daylily Convention."

Refrigerators and microwaves are available by request for an extra charge. The hotel has an $8 per day parking charge in an enclosed garage; the attached Convention Center has open lot parking available at $5 per day. The hotel does not have a shuttle; however, cabs, Lyft, and Uber are readily available. Note: The Myrtle Beach Airport is a ~15 minute $20 Uber ride from the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel. The Hotel is two long blocks (.5 mile) from the beach and 1 mile from the SkyWheel and boardwalk; Uber fare to the SkyWheel is $7 (as of 4/7/17). Paid parking is available along Ocean Blvd at either public beach accesses or private lots; your room key will allow you to return to the hotel garage without paying again, if you park in the Convention Center open lot, you will pay each time you enter. Address: Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel, 2101 N Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Boutique CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO SECURE A SPACE IN OUR BOUTIQUE. CLICK HERE FOR THE BOUTIQUE APPLICATION FORM. Jackie Bachman's wonderful Bobbin Along Embroidery on shirts of all sizes and colors along with Dan Bachman's garden implements.

Martha Murphy and Sean Pennington of Waking Bear Studio will bring their fantastic recycled metal sculptures and other textile-based artwork.

Sally P. Howard will bring her gorgeous garden art to our boutique. A Myrtle Beach art fixture, Sally's creations lend lightness and whimsy to any garden.

Judy Mode will bring her handpainted items to our boutique. Her refreshing beach scenes will make a delightful addition to your home or wonderful Christmas gift for a friend.

Sheila Weiss will bring her absolutely fabulous Be-Jeweled by Sheila items to our boutique. This is a sample of the shells she be-jewels. She also has a large line of items made with mah jongg tiles, like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, signs, and glasses holders - and these are jeweled too!

Bob Richardson will be bringing his great cedar bird houses and bird feeders. These are appropriate for all regions and will enhance anyone's garden.

Mary Rodamer of Bomar Crafts is going to paint her hand-painted porcelain objects with daylilies! Her attention to detail is phenomenal and we know you'll just love them!

Marje Bensen of Fantasy Flowers Quilting will charm us with her log cabin style quilted totes. Cross stitched center designs in a variety of patterns (cats, iris, daylilies, for example) enhanced by matching fabric make these bags beautiful and handy!

Look below for information on the great vendors whose products you'll see at our convention. More exciting news! We've figured out how to fit at least two more vendors into our boutique, so get your application over to us today!

Tom Bruce from Carolina Daylilies will be selling his great hypertufa containers along with hostas and iris.

Simone Barbe's fantastic Silver Palate Feeders. Superb one of a kind pieces from vintage silver. Each is signed, dated, and numbered.

Yvon Gendreau paints absolutely exquisite watercolors of daylilies -- and he's prepared to create a painting of yours. Bring your favorite photo and sit down with Yvon to talk about having him create one or more for you! The first painting below is Ed Zahler's 'Splendiperous' and the second is Duane Therrien's 'Duane's Diploma.'

Soothe and elevate your senses with Daisy Chain Essentials from Linda Marivittori. Whether you're looking for a personal scent to help you sleep or a scent to energize your home, Linda will have just what you need.

Rebecca Board will bring her Cyberlily jewelry to our boutique. If you haven't seen her jewelry, it is truly unique since some pieces include her lovely photos of daylilies.

You won't believe the colors on the alcohol painted items presented by Kitrina Caputo from Kitrina's Creative Designs. Refreshing and vivid, these items all make great souvenirs or gifts!

Kathleen Swanson of Side Porch Handmade Soap of Garden City, SC, will tempt and amaze you with her delicious soaps, scrubs, lotion sticks, sprays, and body butter.

Make sure to leave room in your luggage or car to shop with our vendors, they'll be so glad to see you, and you'll treasure the beauties you take home.

Our boutique will be in the same large room as our raffle, and the plant sale will be right outside the doors. You'll be able to easily get to everything without having to hunt for different rooms. We'll have buckets or fabric bags to carry the daylilies you buy, so you can conveniently shop the boutique before or after you check out the plant sale. Southern Draw Basket Contest! Everyone will find something to love in our southern draw! We'll have a wide variety of baskets -- plants, tools, art, food, wine, toys, books -- you're sure to fine something you really, really, really want to win!

Get your thinking caps on, prepare your shopping lists, and make your plans now to donate a special basket to the southern draw at the AHS 2018 National Convention in Myrtle Beach. We’ve got a contest for you and we think you’re going to love it!

The basket receiving the greatest number of raffle tickets will win the donor club $1,000 worth of daylilies from Heidi and Charles Douglas and Gene Tanner of Browns Ferry Gardens (check them out at brownsferrygardens.com).

The basket with the second highest number of tickets will get $500 worth of daylilies from Duane Therrien and Ed Zahler of the I Can't Believe It's a Dip garden (take a look at icantbelieveitsadip.com).

Now, we have seen some incredible baskets. A recent basket was the size of a VW bug! Another basket had the very latest, most in-demand daylilies. Yet another had gasp! famous local booze! Our clubs represent great diverse communities, with unique foods, museums, garden centers, and natural attractions -- and all have items that would make very popular baskets.

Make your plans now – not just for what you'll put in the basket, but also for how you'll use the plants you win. Hmmmm, maybe one or two per club member? Maybe start a new public flower bed at a library or school? Maybe replant your club's daylily bed? Maybe... Here's a quick view of something you could win in the southern draw -- this delightful fairy garden by AHS's own Nikki Schmith. The beach theme matches our convention perfectly! When you get here, buy plenty of tickets because you could add this cute cute cute fairy garden to your homestead!

Plant Auction We know everyone likes to plan ahead for the auction, hoping to get that great new introduction or expand their hybridizing program. We have our first group of auction plants to post while we're getting the next ready. Read 'em and drool! Get your auction action ready.



'Weird Science' (Selman 2017)

'Alien on the Run' (Selman 2018)

'Fly Over' (Bruce 2017)

'Lighter Shade of Pale' (Sherrill-K., 2018)

'Topguns Roswell Sighting' (Scott-B., 2017)

'Four Way Stop' (Bruce, 2018)

'Meredith Reunion' (Teague-L., 2017)

'Sky Violet' (Carlson-A., 2017)

'RavenCroft Firestarter' (Carlson-A., 2017)

'Pinky Promise' (Dyason, 2017)

'Into the Galaxies' (Gluck 2017)

'Double Shift' (Bruce 2017)

We are very, very, VERY excited that generous hybridizers in the Georgetown Area Daylily Club are donating their 2018 Collections to the convention. And here's the great news for you. They're free. Yes, free. A drawing will be held for each of three collections (Charles Douglas, Duane Therrien & Ed Zahler, and Heidi Douglas), but you have to be present in Ballroom DE during the auction to win! Charles Douglas' 2018 Introductions will the first collection offered.

'After the Party' (Bradford-P., 2016)

'A Shark Tale' (Simpson-E., 2018)

'Just One More' (Simpson-E., 2018)

'Old Man River' (Bradford 2016)

'Lipstick Lips' (Bradford-P., 2016)

'Topguns Head Hunter' (Scott-B., 2017)

Ed Zahler and Duane Therrien's 2018 Collection is the second up for grabs. If you're in Ballroom DE for the auction and your registration number is called, you win! Their garden is named I Can't Believe It's A Dip, so can you believe flowers with their substance, shape, and color..............are dips?

'Topguns You Betcha' (Scott-B., 2017)

'Talquin's Sangria' (Fowler-B., 2017)

'Pointillism Perfection' (Wagner-J., 2017) This breathtaking painting on silk was recently completed by one of our very favorite Lithuanian daylily hybridizers, Edvinas Misiukevičius. We are beyond thrilled to offer this gorgeous painting during our auction. The painting measures 25" x 35" and is Edvinas' interpretation of the 2018 Stout Medal recipient, 'Heavenly United We Stand' (Gossard 2009).

'Up With The Sun' (Carlson-A., 2017)

'Fire Drill' (Bruce 2017)

'Uncle Newt' (Williams-S., 2018)

'Pirate's Alley' (Bradford 2016)

'Spanish Senorita' (Gluck 2016)

'RavenCroft Sun Streaks' (Carlson-A., 2017)

John Price is a new hybridizer, and we're excited to be able to offer all of his donated plants in one Collection. This collection will be auctioned! Fresh shapes and colors we know you'll love.

'Beauty for Ashes' (Simpson-E., 2018)

'Cotton Candy Summer' (Fowler-B., 2018)

'Blue Highway Someday' (Sherrill-K., 2018)

'Meredith Angel Wings' (Teague-L., 2018)

'Eye Must Be Dreaming' (Selman 2018)

'Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane' (Waldrop 2018)

You'll have to stick around to the end of the auction to have a chance on Heidi Douglas' absolutely amazing collection. If you're in Ballroom DE and your registration number is called, you win! 'Charles Lucius' and ' Kathy's Organized Chaos' are SOLD OUT and only available in this collection. Heidi's collection will be a fitting close out to a fantastic auction.
We'll be using the services of Lisa York, Auctioneer. Lisa proved at the 2016 Region 15 Summer Meeting that not only does she appreciate great daylilies, she also knows how to keep an auction moving.

Lisa is a 2007 graduate of the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. She is highly involved in real estate in the Sanford, NC, area. Check out her Facebook page at Lisa York - Auctioneer/REALTOR
Plant Sale! Tondeuse ecologique! Here are some of the plants you'll be able to snap up at our plant sale! AND snapping them up will be easy because we'll have the same buckets used in Norfolk for you to carry and store your plants. Not just similar buckets, the same ones, thanks to Rick and Rikki Sterrett's storage room and capacious truck! Thanks, Tidewater, for the support!

'Highland Park Mark and Mary' (Albers, 2009)

'Sunset Rendezvous' (Douglas-C 2013)

'Caroline's Charm' (Santa Lucia 2007)

'Robert Nesmith' (Nestmith-T., 2014)

'Color of Innocence' (Joiner 2007)

'Pleated Petticoat' (Douglas-C., 2014)

'Flying Trapeze' (Moldovan 2005)

'Pumpkin Prince' (Trimmer 2002)

'Edith Marie' (Therrien, 2014)

'Hope Floats' (Douglas-H., 2009)

'Breathing in Snowflakes' (Douglas-H., 2016)

'Webster's Pink Wonder' (Webster-Cobb, 2003) Stout 2014

'Little Gold Nugget' (Herrington 2005)

'Bright and Morning Star' (Therrien 2015)

'Wrapped in Moonlight' (Douglas-C., 2009)

'New Every Morning' (Emmerick 2007)

'Tip of the Iceberg' (Douglas-H., 2009)

'Planet Max (Reed 1996)

'Born Country' (Tanner-G., 2014)

'Chick Flick' (Douglas-H 2011)

'Catapult Sam' (Reed 2005)

'Rock Around the Clock' (Shooter-F., 2002)

'Flying Monkeys' (Herrington 2008)

'Daddy's Catfish Stew' (Zahler 2015)

'Star Over Oz' (Herrington-K 2005)

'Brookgreen Plantation' (Douglas-C., 2015)

'Frills and Fancies' (Joiner 1996)

'Off to See the Wizard' (Herrington-K 2009)

'Diddley Squat' (Tanner-G., 2009)

'Landon's Leaping Lizard' (Roberts 2008)

'Southern Cotton' (Therrien 2015)

'Love is Enough' (Douglas-C., 2011)

'Morning All Day' (Herrington-K., 2001)

'Myrtle Beach' (Douglas-C., 2011) Hey, what do I do with the dirt if I need to dump out a potted plant? We'll have a sign showing you where a small dumpster will be located near the plant sale and boutique. You'll be able to dump your dirt and pot and we'll have some extra plastic bags so we can keep things tidy!

We do need you to keep in mind that our local newspaper is TINY, so we won't have lots of newspapers to wrap your plants in, but we'll have some.


Forums give you the chance to meet with daylily subject matter or scientific experts and to dig into a deeper level of knowledge. You'll have not only speakers to answer your questions, you'll also have a wide variety of growers and hybridizers in attendance who can share their many years of experience. Pat Crooks Henley, BS Botany, MA Botany, PhD Horticulture / Plant Physiology

"Secret Pests of Daylilies" Dr. Henley will discuss some of the unknown, overlooked, and underestimated pests of our favorite plant. Audience participation will be invited.

Patricia Crooks Henley, Ph.D. is a life member of AHS best known for her featured column “Pat Answers” which was published in The Daylily Journal. A longtime member of the Scientific Studies Committee, her formal education and professional work covered a wide range of plant sciences, including systemics, plant physiology, and pest and disease diagnostics. She is also an accredited AHS Senior Exhibition Instructor and Garden Judge Instructor.

Thursday, June 7, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Joan McDonald - Garden Blogger; Creative Horticulturalist

Come see Joan's light-hearted presentation on using flowers in unusual ways as garden decor. Why not make the most of your blooms and enjoy them every minute! This workshop will include a hands on demonstration and information on how to create and grow these unique projects for the garden to highlight your daylily blooms. Make the most of everyday, let your blooms shine..

Friday, June 8, 4:00 - 4:45 pm Saturday, June 9, 3:00 - 3:45 pm

Ken Ferguson - AHS Member and Photographer

Interested in improving your daylily photos or have a specific question? Ken will walk us through technical information specific to accurately photographing daylily sizes, shapes, and colors.

Friday, June 8, 3:00 - 3:45 pm Saturday, June 9, 4:00 - 4:45 pm

Jacob Braun, AHS E-News (Marketing) Social Media Forum

In this cutting-edge forum, Jacob will address questions like: What is social media? How best to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube? Why use each of these different services? How to get started and how to address technical and service issues.

Thursday, June 7, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Daru Sharp - AHS Member Garden Tracker for Daylilies

Come learn about a new tool for daylily hybridizers. Easily track your daylilies, crosses, and seedling information. Visualize associations between parents, crosses, and kids. Render heritage diagrams for any daylily or cross. See all siblings per cross or all kids per parent. Access your data - any time, any where, any device. Commercial and backyard hybridizers will be able to maximize the use of hybridizing information.

Thursday, June 7, 1:30 - 2:30

Clinics and Workshops If you have ever thought of becoming an exhibition judge or a garden judge, here's your chance! You must be an AHS member in good standing for at least two consecutive years. Sign up for the appropriate clinic during your registration process (if you forgot to, just email the registrar, Kathy Tinius, at ktinius@yahoo.com). Before you get to the convention, go to daylilies.org, enter the members portal, and download or order the 2017 AHS Exhibitions Handbook for reference. Exhibition Judges Clinics

Before you get to the convention, go to daylilies.org, enter the members portal, and download or purchase a copy of the 2017 AHS Exhibitions Handbook. Then read through the page to understand the levels of accreditation. Look at some of the forms and guidelines linked on that page. Once you get in your clinic, the instructors will complete your training and answer any questions you might have.

Garden Judges Workshops

Before you get to the convention, go to daylilies.org, enter the members portal, click on Judging/Shows, and select Garden General Information and read through the requirements. Once you get to your workshops, you'll be walked through the process of judging daylily plants and flowers. You'll then get instructions on how and when to vote each year.